Saturday, September 12, 2009

So theres this guy!!!!

Ok so theres this guy that i really really like and i want to be with him i have known him for a year or two now . but i dont think that he returns the feelings . he was over today and i was just in lala land the whole time he was here. i didnt know how to talk to him .. though i talked more than i did when i saw him last like in may . i like him so much . i want to be more than friends but i dont know how he feels . i get so nervous when i see him .. i get so nervous when i see him.. im so shy around him . i get butterflies in my stomache everytime i see or talk to him.. but i have a feeling that if anything ever happened between us my mom wouldnt approve . she is just that way. even if she didnt approve i would still be with him..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Life

I am officially hating my life and the people i am surrounded with.. i get so pissed off and i cant stand being around them . i wish my life was different . i wish i was the only child still things would be so much better . i getting to the point to where i cant stand my sister and i know it is bad. but we are so different and it doesnt help that we are nine years apart . grrr she just gets me so mad .. she throughs a fit if she doesnt get her way. like today she got upset because my mom didnt pick her up from school and get her an itailan soda . my mom couldnt she was in coos bay looking at houses . so what does she do my sister calls her and throughs a hissy fit because she didnt get it for her . then she calls her because i said she couldnt have any cheetos because they are to go with dinner...grr if she doesnt get her way she is a hellian .well i have vented enough so bye till next time..

Thursday, March 26, 2009


I got my license today..i am so excited ...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just a bunch of song lyrics put together..

She was thinkin Mr. Right I was thinkin right now . Contemplating over it . Three days since I've heard your voice. I hope that you don't mind. Just let me down slowly.
You bring out the best of me . Baby I think I owe you one . Everytime i come around your ready for the Letdown. Gonna be a party tonight. Let's get this party started.

So Sorry for the things I have put you through . Here I sit alone once more. I started thinking out loud. Loosing you was something I could handle. It's been seven days since I have seen your face . 

Somebody turn the lights on. Somebody tell me what's wrong. I'd be lying if I said loosing you was something I could handle . Burning for you so you heard . I got my feet on the ground . Get funky where I come from. Won't be to long before I break . I'm ready to go .

What if I fall along the way. Will you be there to ease the pain. Took my one shot picked it up and threw it away. What if I fall .

Its a touch its a taste. It keeps getting better.

I don't like you it don't matter . I aint even loosing sleep . Don't be scared you can't handle the truth . Are you happy to see me . All the flashes hurt my eyes . I think I'm ready for my close up.

Some days I'm a SuperBitch . Shut up I don't care what you say about me ... Hold On .

Strength - Respects other people's opinons.

Emotional - Has the ability to forgive and forget.

Physical - A strong and decisive person..

SO WHAT.....

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Happy Turkey Day !!! I hope everyone the best wishes today ....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sick : (

So this past week has been hell ....I'm sick and it seems like its taking forever to get over it . But on the good side of it me and my cousin made up that is good right. It also seems like it is taking for ever to get our papers from the coos/curry housing authority . I just wish they would send the damn papers already telling us we can move . I would love to be in our own house by Christmas . That would be the best Christmas gift ever . In fact I may not even ask for anything for Christmas if it will make the time go by faster so that we can get our own house. My sister on the other is wanting like the most expensive things for Christmas for example a puppy , psp, a Sim card for her cell, accessories for the puppy . who knows what else an 11 year old wants for Christmas..well I'm gonna go for now so ..ttfn .....

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sooo this weekend !@!

This weekend was fun minus the part of me not being able to walk all that much on the beach cuz i had a sore foot.i am going home tomorrow which i cannot wait for i get to sleep in my own bed.